19. December 2018

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Building lots in a nice rural environment

| Ref. no. CL-05-090508-01
3 ha partial area - pear plantation

At a glance

Region / Rural distr.
V. Valparaiso / Valparaiso
Location / Area
Quilpue / Los Molles
Type of use
Land area
16,35 ha
Price per ha
25.076.453 CLP
Purchase price
410.000.000 CLP
  • about 683.333 EUR
  • about 836.734 USD
2,00 %

Object description

Location / Access / Distances

The property is situated 120 km away from Santiago de Chile, 40 km from Casablanca and 25 km from the coastal town Viña del Mar and can be reached by the highway no. 68.
Just the last 500 meteres of the access road to the property are gravel road, which is in a good condition.

Development / Existing constructions

With the interior road system, all part of the property can be reached.
The property contains a nice, near-natural 2,5 ha pond, which is used for irrigation. The own 6 deep wells ensure the water supply and the own transformer supplies the whole property with electrical energy. The connection is 3-phase-alternating-current.
There is an adobe house with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living- and dining room as well as a wooden house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living- and dining room and kitchen. Furthermore exists a swimmingpool on a grand scale.
The garden house is made of steel and disposes of 400 m2 floor space. The 300 m2 barn is made of wood.


The whole area is slightly hilly.
It is situated in the preferred valley-zone of the creak Marga-Marga, surrounded by little ponds, lagunas and little forests and free of any contamination.


Actually the property contains of plantations with 3 ha of vineyard area for table wine, 3 ha of Asian pears, avocados, lemon, orange and other fruit trees.
Close to the creak Marga-Marga there is a little forrest with eucalyptus-trees.


The property is divided in 20 lots of about 5.000 m2. Beyond that there is a 2,5 ha main lot around the main building. The plot plan is valid.
A future real estate project could make accessible the 20 lots with water, electricity and sewage and sell each of them individually.

The final price of the property is of 20.000 UF. The given prices which are in different national money are given as a reference.

Additional features of object

Landline phone
Asphaltic drive
Water side