18. January 2019

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Residence with access to river and small forest

| Ref. no. CL-08-090824-01
Residential building - face of building

At a glance

Region / Rural distr.
VIII. Biobío / Ñuble
Location / Area
Chillán / Las Coles
Type of use
One-family house
Living space
161,00 m²
Land area
5.000,00 m²
Purchase price
90.000 EUR
  • about 109.800 USD
  • about 54.000.000 CLP
2,25 %

Object description

Location / Access / Distances

The house is situated 6 km out of the center of Chillán, the second largest city of the VIII region Biobío and 60 km east of the regional capital city of Concepción on the pacific coast. From the bituminized road to Cato it is 1,5 km on a well and regularly maintained dirt road to the property.
Gas station, shopping facilities and the well-known schools (German School, Wessex School, Colegio Alberto Padre Hurtado, Colegio Concepcíon, etc.) are situated on the city boundary of Chillán, 4 km away from the property.


The property has a size of about 5.000 m². The surface declines slowly to the river, so that the rainwater can easily drain off. The ground of the access road to the house has been taken off, filled in with gravel and splitted. There are 4 parking lots, 2 of them can be covered with an outbuilding.
On the northern end of the property, the surface declines about 18 meters steeply to the river. There is also an little forest with Eucalyptus, Aromo Australiano and several hedges. There you will find also a big tree house.
A path goes to the river, where you will find a nice place for fishing and bathing. As the bluff is out of sandstone, there is no erosion at higher water levels.

House / Rooms

The house, which is built in american post and beam structure, is divided in two parts.
The front house has 2 levels. On the ground floor, there is the entrance, the kitchen and the living room. On the first floor there is a large room and a bathroom. From the balcony you can enjoy the wonderful view to the volcano Chillán or relax in the hammock. The front house is heated with an installed wood stove which has connection to the first floor.
The rear building with loggia, TV-room, bathroom and 3 bedrooms is separated with a door from the front house. There is also an installed wood stove which heats this part of the house.
The dining room with view to the terrace, playing ground and the forest can be reached by the living or the TV room. A wide sliding door goes to the terrace.


All wood, which was used for the construction of the house - Pine, Rauli [Nothofagus alpina], Roble [Nothofagus obliqua] - had been selected by the constructor him-self. It was treated dry and free of biological and chemical contamination. The isolation was done with a mixture of wool and styrofoam. The walls were glued with a vapor barrier on both sides.
The window-frames are made of aluminium. They were built in wind- and waterproof with foam insulation.
The basement is completely made of concrete.
The floor is made of laminate, flagging or carpet.
One bathroom has a tub, the otherone is equiped with a shower.
The kitchen and the ovens were constructed after own designs.
The heating costs are low. The average consumption is about 15m³ dry wood per year. During summer time, the temperature - with closed windows - will not be more than 25 °C.


A special feature of the house is the gable roof. During summer time the sun can not reach the window area and there is no heating of the interior of the house. Anyhow the house is light-flooded. During winter time, at low sun position, the sun is heating up the house.
The position of the house is adjusted to the two main- wind directions - northwind at bad weather and southwind at good weather. Therefore there is no rainfall at the front door and even the balcony can be used at rainy weather.
The chimney of the wood oven in the fronthouse is covered with concrete tubes up to the roof.

Additional features of object

Landline phone
Year of constr.
Asphaltic drive
Gas bottle
Wood stove
Balcony / Terrace
Swimming pool