19. December 2018

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A natural place overlooking the valley of Lanalhue

| Ref. no. CL-08-090403-01
Front view to the west, in the valley of

At a glance

Region / Rural distr.
VIII. Biobío / Arauco
Location / Area
Contulmo / Lago Lanalhue
Type of use
Agriculture and forestry
Land area
23,00 ha
Price per ha
6.086.957 CLP
Purchase price
140.000.000 CLP
  • about 233.333 EUR
  • about 285.714 USD
2,00 %

Object description

Location / Access / Distances

The property is located in the famous and historic Arauco province. It was setting of the epic masterpiece written by Alonso de Ercilla called "La Araucana".
In this field, in front of the beautiful Lanalhue Lake, 140 km from Concepción city, capital of the Bío Bío region, and 175 km from Temuco, capital of the Araucanía region, lies the terrain with an access absolutly paved.

Development / Existing constructions

It counts with three buildings, all of them are made of wood: an ancient principal house of 190 qm; a warehouse with zinc roof of 50 qm, and an other building with tejas roof with the same surface.
Pure water that supplies the property comes from a natural spring that descends from a mountain located in the same terrain.


The terrain has the form of a elongated rectangle of 120 by 2.300 metres that it extends from west to east from the lake valley to the summit of a mountain of 485 metres high, of moderately slope. Since this great hill is possible to have an excelent view of the south area of the lake.
The pictures of the valley and of the lake that were attached to the gallery were taken from a height of 70 metres.
This gives a good idea of the scenic potential that represents the mountain located in the terrain.


The mountain that crowns the property to the east is almost completly planted by a dense forest from near 18 ha. In this is possible to see native trees: boldos, oaks, arrayanes y araucarias.
Also exists eucaliptus and aromos, among others vegetable species.
Highlighted in the sector of the property under two broad araucarias to stand next to buildings.
There is also an apple orchard of half hectare extension behind the main house.


The valley of the lake, from where it begins to spill over the property to the east, was completely flooded in winter, providing a splendid view of that front.
In summer the water body on the back as seen in the pictures that are attached in the gallery. At this time the lake is accessed directly by a public road located 50 meters from the main entrance of the property.

Additional features of object

Landline phone
Asphaltic drive
Heavily hillside situation
Water side