19. December 2018

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Quiet property with lake

| Ref. no. CL-08-090225-01
Lake surrounded of reed

At a glance

Region / Rural distr.
VIII. Biobío / Biobío
Location / Area
Cabrero / Lomas de Angol
Type of use
Agriculture and forestry
Land area
74,00 ha
Price per ha
1.837.838 CLP
Purchase price
136.000.000 CLP
  • about 226.666 EUR
  • about 277.551 USD
2,00 %

Object description

Location / Access / Distances

The property is located in the area named Lomas de Angol. The distances to the bigger cities are: Los Ángeles = 49 km, Chillán = 63 km and Concepción, the second largest city of Chile = 75 km.
A dirt road of 4 km length, which is coming off the small but modern village Cabrero, gives access to the property.

Development / Existing constructions

The property is equipped with electric light and a well which covers the basic water needs of the owner.
However, for the irrigation of the land it is necessary to make a deeper well, for which exist enough volume of underground water.
Mobile phone is available, landline could be installed.
There are 5 constructions on the property: 1 wooden cottage of 30 qm, which contains a living-dining room, a bathroom, a kitchen and an another room; a wooden house of 50 qm with floor of concret, a living-dining room and three other rooms; a wooden shelter located in front of the wooden house; a piggery of adobe and tiles, and a barn of wood of 50 qm.


The property has two areas clearly structured: A flat area of 28 ha at the northern part and a southern part, consisting of soft hills that offer magnificent views over the northern part and the lake of the property which covers 10 ha. At the lake you can find beautiful black-necked swans, herons and other attractive species.


In the northern area are located wide grazing lands, 1 ha of pine forest and 3 ha of eucalyptus. Both forest areas currently could be used for logging.
It also grows in the southern zone 0,5 ha of native forest in which it is possible to see myrtles (Arrayanes) and Boldos, among other plant species.


The property was used for agriculture and livestock farming. At the southern zone with the soft hills was cultivated wheat and other cereales. Because of his good grazing lands the northern part was utilized for livestock farming.

Additional features of object

Landline phone
Asphaltic drive
Low hillside situation
Water side