19. December 2018

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Country estate with luxury mansion

| Ref. no. CL-09-090722-01
Lawn beside main building

At a glance

Region / Rural distr.
IX. Araucanía / Cautín
Location / Area
Gorbea / Chada
Type of use
Agriculture and forestry
Land area
195,00 ha
Price per ha
10.256,41 EUR
Purchase price
2.000.000 EUR
  • about 2.440.000 USD
  • about CLP
2,00 %

Object description

Location / Access / Distances

It is a 30 minutes drive from the property to Temuco, the capital of the IX Region La Araucania. The city is the industrial, commercial and intellectual centre (among others for big universities) of the region.
The city of Valdivia, also home of big universities, one of the most beautiful cities in Chile because of the excellent location between the rivers Cau Cau and Cruces is a 1 hour drive away.
The capital Santiago de Chile is 680 km or 1 hour Flying time north of Temuco. The property can easily be reached because it is close to ruta 5, also called Panamericana, which is the only highway in Chile that leads from northern Chile all the way down to Puerto Montt.
The property is far away enough from the highway to enjoy the silence of the Patagonian rain forest.

Development / Existing constructions

On the property you find 2,000 m of rolled gravel roads and 2,100 m of dirt roads. All roads are in a very good condition for all year round usage.
The water supply comes from:
- 4 wells of 8 m depth with water pump (water all year long)
- 4 wells of 7 m depth, covered, without pumps (water all year long)
- 1 well with a well shaft of 60 m (including pipelines)
- 1 well with a well shaft of 20 m (including pipelines)
For disposal the property has 2 liquid manure tanks with 215 m³ and 38 m³.
Electric power is supplied by three- phase- ac- current with special measuring device for the irrigation system.
The following buildings exist:
The luxury main building of 360 m² is a one story house with Jacuzzi, sauna, heated indoor pool, and an outdoor pool.
The caretaker’s home of 120 m² and the employee’s house of 104 m² are wooden houses in the typical architecture of southern Chile.
- 1 stable of 1,058 m² with cement floor and feeding and water system for cattle
- 1 stable of 680 m² with 2/3s cement floor and feeding and water system
- 1 stable of 240 m² with half cement floor
- 1 office building of 297 m² with two entries for loading trucks
- 2 cemented areas with walls for a silo, 288 m² per silo and a cemented area of 700 m².
- 1 dairy without equipment with a waiting area of 374 m² for the cattle in front of the dairy with watering system.


The property is on flat land.


On 130 ha of the property now 7 years old eucalyptus trees have been planted (2009) which can be harvested in 5 years.
Also you can find 50 ha of Patagonian rain forest with the typical vegetation of southern Chile with Coigues, Ulmos and Avellanas (hazelnut).


The property in Chile’s Lake District is on one hand interesting for farmers and on the other hand for foreigners who would like to live a quiet and comfortable life with a safe income.
At the moment the market price of 130 ha eucalyptus (age 12 years) is about 600,000 EUR after taxes. Because of the good condition of the roads on the property you can harvest the trees all year round. Eucalyptus is used for the production of cellulose, wood for construction and heating. Normally the wood is processed directly in Chile but the international demand is also big.
The soil is very good for planting blueberries, hazelnuts and cherries.
The assumption of the experienced Chilean employees is possible.
The property used to be a diary farm. The stables and developments for 400 cows are in best conditions.

Additional features of object

Landline phone
Asphaltic drive
Water side